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Czech and Slovak Heritage Tours


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Our exclusive family history assistance:

While on a Heritage Tour, and you are interested in locating your family’s roots, we can make it happen! We take this mission VERY SERIOUSLY. Unlike others, we contact and search for your living relatives LONG before you depart for Europe. We check in advance to make sure people know you are coming, that the church will be open, that people will be home, etc. All these matters dealing with family history are handled by a professionally licensed genealogical service, run by a Slovak-American married to a Czech based in Prague. They work extensively in both countries. Detailed information regarding this service ( which is included in the price of your tour ) and much more, will be sent out after you have signed up for a tour.

This is a GREAT GENERAL TOUR, each day is plum full of activities, your personal family history and visit is for you, the tour group is not invited along. We will be very interested to hear about your wonderful visit, but it’s your day to be spent with your family. We will contact your relatives, and you and they will decide how long your visit will be, a evening, afternoon, a day ? As not everyone will speak English, drive, or even have a car, we can help out with a car, van, driver or translator if you request it, no problem ! We will basically fill in with whatever you need to make your family visit a roaring success !

for more genealogical information please contact the :

CzechoSlovak Genealogical Society Int.
PO Box 16225 St. Paul MN 55116
or visit their web site at: (a not-for-profit, totally volunteer society)

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