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Celebrating our 22nd Year


Our travel philosophy…….

Is to offer you a very unique travel experience at a fair price. We average only 10-20  people on our tours so we can easily fit into local restaurants and homes, yet we can and do hire folk groups and entertainment that smaller groups can't afford. Most of people only do this for Heritage tours, because they are our friends. They do no do these things every night, and twice on Saturday.  Traveling alone you would never find such places or groups.     Every tour we do is unique, no two Heritage tours have ever been the same. 
I attended the 60th annual Tabor, South Dakota Czech Festival in June, 2008. We had a large Czech & Slovak heritage display  ( put on by a number of my former tour members, and myself )  with folk items, kroje – costumes, folk art, etc.  I wish I had a nickel for every person who made statements like this :

I never knew those things were in the old country !                                                                                    
Where did you get those things ?  I never saw anything like that on the tour I was on ?                             
How do you know where to find these fabulous items ? my relatives couldn't find us stuff like this……     
We never saw anything like these things on our tour………. etc                                                                      
It seems like we missed most of the best things, you miss so much going on your own.                             

Heritage Tours will not quote you low tour price up front and then hit you with tons of extras in Europe. We have very few extras, all listed in advance for each tour program. Other tours steer you to big stores that sell goods the guide promotes for a commission. On my tours we locate folk artists or small family workshops where we learn about traditions and get the best prices.  No one gets any commission off your purchases.   We mostly travel around in a local 48-passenger bus so we have LOTS of room to spread out. Unlike other groups who cram 48 people in a
HUGE bus that can be spotted miles away.  Some times we only have a small group of 10 people, and in those
cases we use a mini-bus.   Due to our small sized groups we stay in quaint smaller hotels and places that other
tour groups never discover.

Our groups experience many things that no one else does. I had an American gentleman who speaks fluent Czech and had and toured the Czech Republic over 30 times. He toured with us and was so amazed with all the things he had missed that he returned and toured us again. I have a customer from California who has been on 7 tours, and can't wait to go again. Another who went on two tours in a row and loved them both!

We are a Heritage Tour, having many non-Czech or Slovak people travel with us each year. Family history is very serious to us. We hire the very best family research service working in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. You
go off and see your family history. The rest of us stay behind, but we can't wait to hear about your spectacular family visits.

If you're looking for a unique and safe travel experience, look no further.

If you're just not a tour person, no problem, we can set you up to explore on your own.
You WILL do and see more on a Heritage Tour. The choice is yours. The Pleasure is ours!


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Let us relieve any security concerns you may have :

A Heritage tour is a safe tour to be on.

We left on a Heritage tour on September 10th , 2001 and spent 16 days in Europe after the tragedy. Do to our policy of staying in smaller places, that no other tour groups even know about, using a local Czech made bus, plus going to restaurants with local people, everyone on the tour felt safe and secure at all times. No one from this tour wanted to return home because they felt unsafe. In fact they thought it was a better place to be.

We do not list our hotels in advance; we give out that information about 10 days before departure only to the people who are going on that tour. We stay in various smaller hotels ( always with private bathrooms )  every tour with different hotels, almost every tour is different, no two tour have ever been the same.

Our bus looks just the like the many hundreds of local buses driving all over this part of Europe every day. We do not use those large double decker buses that can be spotted miles away. Many local people mistake our bus for their own local bus every day.

We eat in restaurants that no other tour groups use, it’s just us and the local people. Plus we have three guys on each tour, the bus driver, guide and tour escort. If you are concerned Please feel free to check with anyone who was on the fall 2001 tour.

You are safe with us on a Heritage tour, we will be visiting a part of the world where they truly they love Americans, and we love them.

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